Privacy Policy


Your privacy and confidence are very important for LABOR GALERÍA, S.A DE C.V., hereinafter referred to as LABOR GALERÍA, responsible for protecting the privacy, entirety, management and protection of your Personal Data complying with the provisions of the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection held by Third Parties (LFPDPPP, for its initials in Spanish), its regulation, guidelines and other applicable rules and regulations; therefore, LABOR GALERÍA intends that you, users, are aware of the actions being adopted on such regard.

Domicile of the account responsible is General Francisco Ramírez #5 Col. Daniel Garza, Miguel Hidalgo, Zip Code 11830, Mexico City and he may provide you with assistance from Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.; and/or else via e-mail

What is the purpose for collecting and using my personal data?

Your data will be managed for the following purposes:

1.- Main Purpose. LABOR GALERÍA will manage your personal data to schedule a visit to our art gallery.

2.- Secondary Purpose. LABOR GALERÍA may manage your personal data to execute one or all of the following purposes that do not necessarily result into scheduling or obtaining a visit to our art gallery, such as: finding out your doubts and opinions, in case you contact us; inform you about publications, expositions (previous, current and future publications and expositions), news, stories of the participant artists, workshops, courses, programs and promotions by means of our Newsletter or bulletins.

Your personal data will be maintained during the time in which your relation with us is in force and for a term of 2 years after to its expiration or in advance if there is a Cancellation request from you, as per the terms of the proceeding to assert the ARCO rights detailed hereinbelow. Likewise, you may cancel your subscription to our Newsletter at any time you wish.

What personal data we obtain and where do you obtain it?

We may collect your personal data in different ways for the above-stated purposes herein:

When it is directly provided; that is, when you directly send us an e-mail to any of the e-mail addresses indicated in our web site to schedule a visit to the gallery; when you directly visit our gallery or else, when you subscribe to our Newsletter or bulletins by directly providing your e-mail address in our web site.

Personal data we collect may be:

ID data: full name, telephone number (local and/or mobile number) and e-mail address.

Do we collect and manage sensitive personal data?

It is important highlighting that LABOR GALERÍA DOES NOT COLLECT or manage information in any means disclosing racial or ethnic origin aspects, genetic information, religious, philosophic and moral beliefs, union registration, political opinions or sex preferences.

How may I state my refusal to use my personal data for secondary or accessory purposes?

If you do not wish your personal data is managed for secondary purposes, you may send an e-mail as from now to (, stating the above, to take the corresponding note. If you do not state your refusal for such purposes in a term of 5 business days as from your personal data was collected, we will understand you have granted us with your implied authorization.

May my data be transferred or shared in the country or abroad?

No, personal data being collected may not be shared under any circumstance in the country or abroad; in this sense, the only responsible for the management of your information will be LABOR GALERÍA at all times.

What are the means to assert my Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition rights for the management of my data?

You have the right to know the personal data we have from you, our purpose and the use conditions thereof (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request correction of your personal information if not updated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); that we delete your information from our database or that we delete your profile when you consider your data is not used according to the principles, duties and obligations provided in the regulation (Cancellation); and to oppose to the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

Likewise, you may revoke at all times the authorization you granted and that was necessary for the management of your data and to limit the use or disclosure thereof.

The above is made by means of a request sent to LABOR GALERÍA to the address stated at the beginning of this notice or else, by sending a request via e-mail to the following e-mail address: (

Request must be submitted in a free, simple and short brief: 1) accurately describing the ARCO right you intend to assert; 2) indicating the personal data over which you intend to assert the above-stated rights; it is also important 3) to provide any element or document facilitating the location of your personal data regarding which you intend to assert your ARCO rights. Likewise, it is extremely important 4) to correctly evidence your identity as owner of the rights; or as applicable, provide the documents evidencing your legal representation; 5) provide the address to hear and receive notifications and 6) e-mail address to send the response to your request, that will be preferably made by such means.

Maximum term to respond your request is 20 business days as from the date on which your request is received; you will be informed about the admissibility or denial thereof to the e-mail address stated in your request.

It is worth highlighting that the assertion of your ARCO rights or else your right to revoke your authorization is at no charge for you, provided LABOR GALERÍA may only request the payment of the supported delivery expenses or reproduction costs of the information you request from us; delivery may be electronically made as per your request to prevent costs.

Likewise, please note that not in all cases we may proceed your request or immediately terminate the use of your data because it is possible that due to a contractual obligation we need to continue managing your personal data. You must also consider that, under certain cases, revocation of your authorization will imply that we may not continue with the contractual relation.

On the other hand, you may choose alternate means to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data other than the assertion of your ARCO rights and revocation of authorization by means of the registration in our exclusion list for advertising purposes so that your personal data is not managed for marketing, advertising and/or commercial prospects purpose; for further information of registration, please contact LABOR GALERÍA.

Another alternate option is to register in the “Public Registry to Prevent Advertising”, unit of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO, for its initials in Spanish); for further information, you may visit its web site or else, cancel your subscription to our Newsletter.

What security actions are in place for the management of my personal data?

We are glad to inform you that LABOR GALERÍA keeps and has adopted the necessary security, administrative, technological and physical actions made available to you to protect your personal data from damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or management. Should an infringement to our security occurs significantly affecting your rights you will be immediately informed to establish the corresponding actions for the defense of your rights.

If I have a claim or denounce for undue management of my personal data, what do I have to do?

If you believe your personal data protection rights have been infringed by our actions or resolutions, despite the corresponding request was PREVIOUSLY submitted to LABOR GALERÍA, you may bring your complaint or denounce to the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI, for its initials in Spanish); likewise, we suggest you to visit the official web page for further information. 

Is it possible to make changes to the privacy notice?

This privacy notice may be modified, changed or updated as a result from new legal requirements, our own needs for the services we offer, our privacy practices or from other reasons, in any case, they will be informed to you in our web site and/or by e-mail to the e-mail address you have registered with us.

Do we have cookies, web beacons or any other similar or analogue technology in your web site to manage your personal data?

Please note that cookies (Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook pixels) are used in the CONSTRUMAC platform, under “Platforms”to monitoryour behavior as internet user to provide you with a better user service and experience upon navigating in our platform and to offer you products and/or services based on your preferences. Likewise, Web Beacons are used allowing us to monitor the activity in the web sites or make "cookies" more efficient. "Web Beacons" allow us or third parties working in our name, to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns by means of the transmission of information if user follows the links in our e-mails or web pages, find out the information about the IP address of user, interaction time in our web page and for collection of information on Sites users visit before and after visiting our web page. We use the registry files to store collected data by means of "Web Beacons". Personal data we obtained from these tracking technologies are specifically the following: navigation hours, navigation time in our platform, visited sections and access to web pages before our platform. You may be sure such information is not transferred; therefore, its management is limited to our internal use.

Finally, we inform you that such technologies may be disabled at any time by accessing to setting preferences of the navigator being used.

Latest update October 29, 2021