Vitrina by Aeromoto + Labor

#MovimientosEmisoresde Existence of # HéctorZamora is already in the #VitrinadeAeromoto La Vitrina is an Aeromoto showcase, concerned with exhibiting relationships between the events that take place in the cultural system of the city and the library's collection. A select bibliography to deepen exhibitions, performance and artwork in general exhibited in the cultural circuit of #CDMX Following the individual exhibition of Héctor Zamora in #Labor, we took on the task of choosing volumes that help to deepen the work. Zamora presents in the gallery Issuing movements of existence. The action occurred during the inauguration and consisted of a set of crude clay vessels placed on the floor of the gallery, around which several women dressed in black walked at different rates over the vessels deforming them step by step, squeezing the air they contain; transforming with the weight of his body the terracotta landscape that fills the space almost completely. Now you can see the result of that action throughout the season in the gallery. From this work #Labor, # HéctorZamora, Paola Santoscoy andAeromoto, we select a bibliography that is presented in the library for free public consultation.

Labor Image