Pancha, the Colorful Bird and the Shining Snake

Pancha, the Colorful Bird and the Shining Sanke


We are thrilled to announce ¨Pancha, the Colorful Bird and the Shining¨ the first solo exhibition by Jorge Satorre in the United States, at the REDCAT in Los Angeles, curated by Ruth Estévez. The commissioned installation by Satorre consists of a series of sculptures and drawings that collectively portray alternative and subjective historic narratives, developed by the artist in contrast to standard, institutional versions of events and hegemonic discourse. The central piece in the exhibit is a large installation of timber and metal that traverses the gallery to create a pointing machine, a measuring tool used by sculptors throughout history to create accurate wood or stone replications of plaster or terracotta models. Within the machine, Satorre arranges a series of hand made roof tiles he created in collaboration with the workers of a brickyard in the city of Ajalpan, Puebla (Mexico), who use traditional methods to mold the curved tiles, giving each one a unique quality and dimension. The objects reflect the fragility of the manual and traditional process that produces them, as well as chance and accident. A series of forged steel sculptures made from worn work tools are also incorporated into the installation, which evokes the scenario of a communal worksite, like the brickyard, where co-workers with close bonds share long days, meals, and relaxed downtime.