Hector Zamora at the Triënnale Brugge
Strangler, 2021.

Strangler, 2021.

Héctor Zamora participates at the Triënnale Brugge

For its third edition, the Triennale Brugge offers the possibility to explore the hidden dimensions of the city through a curatorial proposal that brings together contemporary art and architecture. Mexican artist Héctor Zamora participates with an on-site work.

The central element of Zamora’s intervention is an Austrian Pine located in the garden of Gezellehuis, now wrapped by a monumental scaffolding structure as would do the strangler trees endemic to tropical forests. The opposition between nature and human presence, is a constant in this artist’s work. In this case, climbing the scaffolding allows the spectator to interact with the tree and nature in an unusual way.

The works of Héctor Zamora are frequently the result of technical feats that transcend the traditional exhibition spaces, while inviting the spectator to question their own perception of spaces and materials.

From May 8th till Oct 24th.