Hector Zamora at the Coimbra Biennial
Héctor Zamora participates with “Rupture” (2016) and “Memorandum” (2017).

Starting on November 27th, the 4th edition of the Coimbra Biennial titled “Meia-Noite”, in which Héctor Zamora participates with “Rupture” (2016) and “Memorandum” (2017).

In “Rupture”, 150 people dressed in black, each carrying a black book, tear off the pages to let them fall into the free space, invaded by the sound of the torn-out pages. Their pages carelessly recovered, the books are then left on a table, while the sound of the “rupture” lingers in the space as a vivid memory. This piece carries an utopic message of catharsis and liberation, and also summarizes the spirit of our age: a sensation of dissatisfaction and oppression.

“Memorándum” merges the special characteristics of the building with a mechanical activity to set out diverse lines of sociological and political interpretation. Zamora critically refers to the functioning of the governmental, bureaucratic and institutional systems of power. “Memorandum” reveals the disadvantages of forming the least-valued link in the social machine.

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