Claudia Gutiérrez Marfull participates in Regionale 23
Claudia Gutiérrez Marfull will participate in two exhibitions as part of Regionale 23.

The Regionale Art Exhibition is a cross-border project that is unique in this form. Nineteen institutions from three countries (France, Germany, and Switzerland) each show artistic positions from the Basel region and the trinational area (Northwestern Switzerland, South Baden, Alsace) at the end of the year. Launched in 2000/01, the Regionale serves to promote and intensify the understanding between artists, cultural workers and institutions on a trinational level.

On this occasion, the work of Claudia Gutiérrez Marfull will be on view as part of two exhibitions: "TAKE BACK YOUR KEYS", at Project Room M54 in Basel (CH), and "Mnemosyne" at Kunsthalle Palazzo in Liestal (CH).

At Projektraum M54, Gutiérrez Marfull will be presenting "Rubbles I, II, III", a series of three embroidered drawings on canvas. These represent landscapes made of fragments: each fragment or block was part of a structure. Due to the passage of time and human intervention, these elements have become ruins and rubble, expendable residues of the urban landscape. Parts of the city that seem insignificant or despicable, which even if they are avoided or denied, they are a natural part of the city.