Antonio Vega Macotela at Laboratorio Arte Alameda

Antonio Vega Macotela at Laboratorio Arte Alameda


On the occasion of its re-opening and its twentieth anniversary, Laboratorio @artealameda will inaugurate the exhibition “Re-habitar el LAA” [Reinhabit the LAA] with a tapestry by Antonio Vega Macotela @joanvema named “Burning Landscape VI”(2019).The series was created from low-resolution images of ecological disasters that the artist found on the internet and then transformed into tapestries using Jacquard looms. Using the steganography technique, normally used by hackers and activists for data encryption, he hid in plain sight the names of tax evaders. These images serve as a metaphor for the financial and informational operations conducted by state and corporate powers. Although these operations usually remain invisible, they still have visible effects on our landscapes.The show curated by Lucía Sanromán and co-organized with Museo Nacional de Arte INBA explores what it means to inhabit or to reinhabit.

On view until June 27th.

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Antonio Vega Macotela, “Burning Landscape VI” 2019. Steganography on Jacquard 173.23 x 220.47inch