Amnesia Atómica NYC, a public exhibition by Pedro Reyes in Times Square
A collective effort to address nuclear threat.

This May 17th, Times Square Arts and The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists present “Amnesia Atómica NYC”, a collective effort to address nuclear threat. Exhibited in Times Square until may 24th, this public exhibition is centered around artist Pedro Reyes’s “ZERO NUKES”, a 30-foot-tall inflatable sculpture, which will function as a beacon to bring experts, political leaders, and engaged citizens together and drive conversations around the anti-nuclear movement.

Curated by Pedro Alonzo, this project was commissioned by the Bulletin Of The AtomicScientists, an organization that focuses on three main areas—nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies. ZERO NUKES focuses on the “zero” as a graphic, visual, and conceptual element common to all languages. The structure stands as a symbol of global unity for a single non-controversial cause: to avoid the destruction of life on earth.

“Amnesia Atómica NYC” will also take over two booths at Frieze New York from May 18-22.