Gala Porras-Kim en la Whitney Biennial
Gala Porras-Kim at the Whitney Biennial

The #WhitneyMuseum announced the selected artists who will present their work at the @whitneymuseum's 79th Biennale, which will be curated by Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley and runs from May 17 to September 22. Among the participants is #GalaPorrasKim who will present unpublished works for this inescapable event for anyone interested in discovering what is happening in art today. This edition presents special attention to those who have not had the opportunity to participate in a Biennial. The #WhitneyBiennial was founded in 1932 by Gertrude Vanderbilt, this biennial takes a look at the current state of contemporary art in the United States, especially those artists who frequently stimulate and generate debate. It is the longest-running continuous exhibition in the United States that traces the latest American artistic developments. From emerging to well-established artists and collectives, participating artists will exhibit works of painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, film and video, photography, performance and sound in the fifth and sixth floor exhibition galleries, as well as in numerous spaces, both inside and outside. And outside the museum.